Pandemic: PL wants price of cooking gas to R $ 49

Bill 1250/20 was processed in the House of Representatives, which proposes to set the price of cooking gas at R$ 49.00 for the duration of the state of public calamity in the country. The proposal is by Congresswoman Aline Gurgel (Republicans – AP).

The measure is a reflection of the high demand for cooking gas, a consequence of the anticipation of the purchase of some products due to the home isolation recommended to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, an increase in the price of the product was observed in several regions of the country – in some places, the price of the canister already reaches R$ 100.00.

It is worth remembering that the proposed value will be valid only for canisters of 13 kilos. According to the congresswoman, the objective of the proposal is to avoid abusive values of the product and ensure price stability for the population. “Right now, there is a need to adapt to new situations. To this end, we stipulate a unique value, in order to favor the excluded, low-income or in extreme poverty,” gurgel says.


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