Offshore is your panorama portal on the world of oil and gas

The oil is still one of the main pillars of economic growth and one of the most promising markets for many years. Despite a policy or another to the devaluation of the “black gold” in recent years, this commodity shows strong agreement among the Member countries of Opec with the other out of the cartel, given the reduction in production in search of your appreciation.

Is increasing the interest of numerous small, medium and large companies in investing in the area of energy, oil and gas. The world and the way to communicate has changed and to leverage and promote the dissemination of the organizations in this market it is necessary to use strategic communication. In this line the Offshore Panorama shows itself more efficient.

The Panorama Offshore is a portal that offers relevant and reliable news about the world of oil and gas, disseminating and oxygenating essential information for anyone who plays or if interested in this market. In recent months the Panorama aired segment news Offshore Offshore and Onshore from the four corners of the world, reaching significant number of readers and businesses connected to the area.

If you want different details and confident about the market, continue interacting with Offshore Panorama. The portal is the ideal tool for those who need quality information on oil, gas, biofuels and offshore. Remember: your business going on around here! Check out: and


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