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94 Edition-30/05/2019-Petrobras completes a decade in production in the Santos Basin

Edition 93-29/05/2019-Petrobras will participate in bidding in the areas of Itapu and Búzios

92 Edition-15/05/2019-Copacabana Palace welcomes energy sector event

91 Edition-24/04/2019-Senate committee and TCU will determine Petrobras ' adjustments

90 Edition-14/03/2019-Pasadena Refinery is sold to Chevron 

89 Edition-27/02/2019-Eletrobras sells distributor and provides capitalization in 2020 

88 Edition-20/02/2019-TAG is sold for US $ $8 billion 

Edition 87-18/02/2019-State should be capitalized up to 2020

86 Edition-05/02/2019-ExxonMobil and Chevron record higher profit

Edition 85-27/01/2019-More 12000 new jobs in the offshore sector

84 Edition-22/01/2019-USA will export 1 million oil in 2020

Edition 83-17/01/2019-Governor of MG wants to privatize Cemig

82 Edition-10/01/2019-Fernando de Noronha receives desalination project

81 Edition-01/01/2019-Panorama wants a prosperous New Year

80 Edition-25/12/2018-Panorama wants a Merry Christmas

Edition 79-12/12/2018-BR Distribuidora receives R $1 billion from Eletrobras

78 Edition-21/11/2018-Global oil market will be surplus next year

77 Edition-14/11/2018-Mato Grosso will have a new sustainable project

76 Edition-07/11/2018-More offshore jobs in 2019 

75 edition-31/10/2018-organic wastes can generate energy

74 Edition-24/10/2018-bill wants to prohibit gas, gasoline and diesel powered vehicles

Edition 73-19/10/2018-More 100 oil fields for sale

72 edition-10/10/2018-barrel oil should cost US $100 up to 2019

71 Edition-04/11/2018-Petrobras recovers R $300 million in market value

70 Edition-27/09/2018-Eletrobras auction is postponed to October 25th

69 Edition-19/09/2018-open seletivo9 process of Liquigás

Edition 68-12/09/2018-Brazil will produce about 5.5 million bpd, in 2027

67 Edition-05/09/2018-Eletrobras has auctioned distributors

66 Edition-29/08/2018-refinery accounts for 20% of national diesel production

65 Edition-22/08/2018-Loyalty Miami provides consultancy for international investments

64 Edition-15/08/2018-University of London wants to invest in the offshore sector

63 edition-11/08/2018-natural gas is found in Parnaíba Basin – MA

62 Edition-02/08/2018-new type of oil facilitates trade with China

61 Edition-25/07/2018-Petrobras invests in wind energy in the sea

60 Edition-23/07/2018-state will offer 1.8 million barrels of oil at auction

59 Edition-11/07/2018-state will offer 1.8 million barrels of oil at auction

Edition 58-04/07/2018-Santa Catarina, Paraná and São Paulo dispute territory for oil

57 Edition-27/06/2018-approved bill allowing pre-salt sale

56 edition-13/06/2018-Maricá is a leader in the collection of royalties

55 Edition-26/05/2018-SP has the largest collection of oil and natural gas

Edition 54-23/05/2018-Petrobras shares had elevations in the market

53 Edition-28/03/2018-Mega auction slips to the end of 2018

Edition 52-07/03/2018-Statoil has an endorsement to export oil

Edition 51-02/03/2018-P-71 will be assembled in Espírito Santo

50 edition-07/02/2018-OPEC has an increase in oil production

Edition 49-31/01/2018-signed pre-salt auctions contracts

Edition 48-24/01/2018-oil near rebalancing

Edition 47-17/01/2018-Panorama in the air: signing of auction contracts happens Day 31

Edition 46-10/01/2018-Panorama in the air: Petrobras is with inscriptions open for competition 

Edition 45-13/12/2017-Panorama in the air: World Bank does not finance oil projects

Reissue 44-29/11/2017-MP will vote on camera

Edition 43-22/11/2017-Oil operates in high this week

Edition 42-17/11/2017-Petrobras took profit in the third quarter of 2017

Issue 41-08/11/2017-Oil passes $ $50, barrel

Issue 40-01/11/2017-pre-salt Auctions will earn 6.15 billion reais

Issue 39-24/10/2017-BNDES foresees 285 billion to Brazil

Issue 38-20/10/2017-high in oil production

Issue 37-16/10/2017-Shell will invest $ $10 billion in the Santos basin

Issue 36-11/10/2017-high in petroleum

Issue 35-09/10/2017-Growing expectations about rebalancing the market

Issue 34-20/09/2017-Local content

Issue 33-13/09/2017-Petrobras and Shell sign an agreement

Issue 32-11/09/2017-Petrobras to sell stake in carrier

31-06/09/2017-Edition history: production in the Santos basin is greater than the field

30-04/09/2017 Edition-Repetro is maintained until 2040

Issue 29-30/08/2017-Minister of mines and energy says privatization of State-owned

Issue 28-28/08/2017-investor; Privatization; and licenses

Issue 27-23/08/2017-Petrobras invests in geoengineering

Issue 26-21/08/2017-Pelotas basin attracts investors

Issue 25-16/08/2017-natural gas in Brazil and the Maromba field

Issue 24-14/08/2017-Petrobras discovers oil in pre-salt Campos Basin

Issue 23-09/08/2017-Petrobras is accepted in the governance program

Issue 22-02/08/2017-increase in production from the pre-salt layer may attract investors

21-24/07/2017 Edition-pre-salt has new record production

Issue 20-19/07/2017-pre-salt has new record production

Issue 19-17/07/2017-increase in demand could allow recovery of the barrel of petrol

Issue 18-12/07/2017-investments, partnerships and oil exploration

17-10/07/2017 issue-natural gas in Brazil and the Maromba field

Issue 16-05/07/2017-Petrobras awaits decision on Gas

15-03/07/2017 issue-Petrobras seeks growth and financial recovery 

14-28/06/2017 Edition-four platforms for the Campos Basin

Issue 13-26/06/2017-increase in the production of kerosene from Brazil and the world 

12-21/06/2017 Edition-bidding rounds may have Russian investors

11-19/06/2017 Edition-brazilian Production can proceed despite the crisis

Edited 10-14/06/2017-Saudis reduce oil stock

Issue 9-12/06/2017-Petrobras strengthens government program investment

8-07/06/2017 Edition-Petrobras awaits decision on Gas

7-05/06/2017 Edition-active sales offers oxygen to Petrobras.

6-02/06/2017 Edition-brazilian production reduction helps OPEC plans

Edition 5-31/05/2017-brazilian production reduction helps OPEC plans

4-30/05/2017-Brazil edition raises oil exports despite the crisis

3-29/05/2017-Brazil edition raises oil exports despite the crisis

2-26/05/2017 Edition-agreement extension of OPEC production cuts.

Issue 1-25/05/2017-heating oil market, oil Royalties in the hand of the SUPREME COURT.