Positive Panorama for wind energy in Europe

Wind energy on the European continent can grow around From 65% per year to 2023. This is because installations should reduce the costs of Mount.

The sector has shown a strong expansion since 2013, because Grew by 36% in this period. According to data from WindEurope – an association in Brussels That promotes the use of electric energy – the production capacity can reach 28 Gigawatts up to 2023 in relation to 17 gigawatts in 2017. In addition, the area has Good forecasts for the coming years with the accumulated investments that Totalizing about 208 billion euros (US $228 billion).

This growth will depend on the encouragement of each Government in New investments. For example, onshore wind development in Germany has stagnant In recent months due to delays in the licensing process. In Consideration, the facilities should accelerate in Spain, Sweden and Norway. The Offshore wind energy should also grow in the UK, Holland and Germany.


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