For Birol, low oil prices will affect clean energy

"This will definitely put negative pressure on the appetite for the transition to cleaner energy," fatih Birol, head of the International Energy Agency (IEA), said of the falling oil prices. In addition, the price war formed by Saudi Arabia and Russia can also have profound consequences for the adoption of cleaner energy sources.

For analysts, price shock can affect demand for electric vehicles, for example, and decrease the incentive to take energy efficiency measures, because these turbulences in recent days have had an impact on plans to use renewable sources . 

"Those who follow wi[a questão]ll quickly realize whether the emphasis of governments and companies on the transition loses momentum when market conditions become more difficult," Birol said. "Low energy prices will make the economic rationale of saving energy less attractive because of cheap oil and gas, and that will definitely not be good news," he added. 


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