For Guedes, cheap energy will reduce gas cost

"There comes a gradual opening of the economy and the shock of cheap energy will bring down 30% to 40% of the price of natural gas, which will contribute to our reindustrialization," said Economy Minister Paulo Guedes, after meeting with the Parliamentary Chemical Front, in the last Wednesday (20).

The minister also warned that Brazil's trade opening should be gradual and that this should not harm the sector. In addition, the government is working on other fronts to reduce the cost of domestic industry by taxing sectors of the economy, which today benefit from subsidies and economic reforms. "We're not going to let the foreign industry down on top of the national industry before simplifying taxes and reducing interest rates," Guedes said.

In July, the government launched the "Novo Mercado de Gás" program in order to break Petrobras' monopoly in the sector and reduce the price of natural gas in Brazil.


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