For Neto, auctions affected the price of the dollar

At a public hearing at cae (Committee on The Federal Senate, last Tuesday (19), the president of the Central Bank (BC), Roberto Campos Neto, said that the result below the expected from auctions – the government hoped to raise more than R$ 100 billion – affected the price of the dollar.

“The most recent movement that occurred was because of the costly assignment, which some market players expected greater entry [of dollars] of what happened. So how the resource entry was smaller than the expected and many agents positioned themselves to capture that dollar falling, you has now a turn (upward dollar movement),” Neto said.

However, for the president, the increase in the U.S. currency has not yet brought the country risk increase, nor the future interest rate traded by the São Paulo Stock Exchange and inflation in Brazil. Besides campos said exporters have taken time to bring to the Brazil sales resources to other countries and companies, such as Petrobras, in addition to exchanged dollar debts for real financing.


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