Part of the union's oil is sold

PPSA (pre-salt petroleum S.A.) managed to sell 85% of what was planned in the second oil auction of the union, held on Friday, 31 August, in Sao Paulo. This attempt surpassed that of the first auction, even with the equality of the values for each parcel.

In all the lots, I won who offered the highest value above the price of oil, according to the calculations of the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). Among the companies that participated in the auction were Petrobras, Shell Brasil, Repsol Sinopec and Total. Petrobras acquired the other two batches, and is an operator of all those included in the auction.

After the event, in a press conference, Ibsen Flores, president of PPSA, declared that the field is operated by seven platforms and that soon will be eight. He also said that the only difference between them is that the other auctioned fields have no sharing agreement and that the production is individualized.

The PPSA believes that there will be a change in the auction model, but according to Flowers, the preference is that it continues in the same way, following the legislation.

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