Guaratuba patrol ship opens to public visitation in Aracaju

The Guaratuba patrol ship will be open for visitation this Saturday (18) and Sunday (19), in Porto de Maceió, in Aracaju – if, from 2:00 until sundown. The ship that makes security on the coast of Bahia and Sergipe will be available to receive visitors from interested parties this weekend.

The vessel, which was incorporated into the Brazilian Navy on December 1, 1999, has a curious history. Its name originates from the Tupi-Guarani expression "mane-TYBA", which pays tribute to a municipality in the state of Paraná.

Under the command of Captain-Lieutenant Diego Pereira de Souza, the vessel has 46.5 meters in length, shifts 217 tonnes and reaches speed of up to 25 knots (approx. 46km/h).

The ship operates collaborating with repressive services to smuggle and illegal trade, controlling maritime areas under Brazilian jurisdiction, acting in defense of environmental protection and supervising research activities carried out at sea, in the areas Contiguous and economical.

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