PEC proposes distribution of pre-salt funds

The proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) 152/19 Determines the division of the amount obtained in the auction of the onerous assignment between Federal District, states and municipalities, is already under review by the Constitution Committee, Justice and Citizenship (CCJ) of the Federal Senate. This proposal is unfolding of the PEC 98/19 created in order to enable the bidding.

The onerous assignment will take place next November 6th and The right of exploitation of oil surpluses discovered by the Petrobras in the pre-salt region. The text defines that all the funds acquired will be Following the criteria of the Member States and the Federal District (FPE), as well as municipalities (FPM).

Among the proposed is the delimitation that money does not May be spent on payroll of active personnel, but rather that the Resources are intended for investments. THE PEC 152/19 will be analysed by the Constitution and Justice Commission and Citizenship (CCJ). If approved, it will undergo a special commission and finally, at the Plenary.

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