Petrobras Safe: Injunction prevents sale of state

Last Tuesday, Petrobras suspended the privatization of the State after provisional injunction granted by the Minister of the STF, Ricardo Lewandowski. Sales included four refineries, 10 terminals and two subsidiaries, including the TAG gas carrier.

Last week, Lewandowski attended the request of Fenae (National Federation of Federal Economic Fund personnel Associations) and the CONTRAF (National Confederation of Financial Workers), and granted injunction in which it determines that privatization Of state can only happen by congressional authorization, with the creation of specific laws.

Petrobras intended to sell 60% of four refineries, two in the Northeast and two in the south. The measure could result in the increase in the prices of oil derivatives in the country. In addition to the Petrobras refineries, the government intends to desestatizar the Liquigas, the Brazilians, the Infraero airports and the Federal economic box.

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