Petrobras will put 30 assets sale in 2017

In a meeting with investors in the capital markets, on Monday, June 05, in Sao Paulo, the President of Petrobras Pedro Parente, reported that the State should disclose to the end of this year, the opening of about 30 processes of asset sale or partnerships, that are within the company's divestment program, which aims to raise $ $21 billion by 2018.

As well as the Panorama had previously disclosed, Offshore Relative said that these new processes are started with the methodology adopted by the Tribunal de Contas da União (TCU), which provides for the early disclosure of assets for possible investors interested. Half of the new opportunities, about 15, are planned for the next three months.

Among the assets that will be offered for sale, the refinery in Texas, in the United States, must be one of them. In addition to the fields that are already available to the market as the Bluebird, in the Amazon basin and field of the Juruá, Solimões basin.

Another point highlighted by the representative of Petrobras is the question of the search for partnerships. According to information, the State should move forward with the initiative to get partners in the area of refining, in which the company holds a monopoly in Brazil. In about a month and a half, according to a relative, the company should disclose the modeling.

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