Petrobras warns that Opec can leverage shale gas

Pedro Parente, President of Petrobras, said that the OPEC decision to cut oil production to force high in the price of the commodity can also be a driving force of the industry of shale gas (shale gas), which in a way, would bring down the price of a barrel.

During lecture on Brazilian chemical industry Association (Abiquim), Parente said that "the decision of Opec generated growth of prices in recent days. We have to look very carefully, because the support of these new levels depends largely on the production of shale. This can attract more production of shale and bring barrel prices to between $40 and $50, "he clarified.

The President reminded State even though the gas industry is a great competitor because demand smaller contributions, has matured faster. "Petrobras would have to make adjustments regardless of their financial situation tightened.", he pointed out the relative.


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