Petrobras and UFU develop 3D printing on metal

Researchers from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Federal University of Uberlândia (Femec / UFU), in partnership with the Petrobras Research Center, developed a method for 3D printing of metal parts. The process was called Additive Manufacturing by Arc Deposition (Mada).

In the method, the printer deposits layers of metal in liquid form from a design developed on a computer, similar to what happens in 3D printers that use plastic. According to Américo Scotti, one of the researchers behind the project, for printing it is necessary for the metals to be very hot and to be cooled quickly before receiving new layers of material. Therefore, in this process the impressions are made almost immersed in the water. As the material is deposited, the water rises in order to cool it in time.

Scotti also states that the method can serve for a greater insertion of society in the industrial branch, bringing science closer to the population, through partnerships with city halls or industrial associations.


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