Petrobras announces a 1.59% reduction in the price of gasoline in the refineries

Petrobras announced this Wednesday (13) 1.59% reduction in the price of gasoline, the second consecutive fall. With the readjustment, the litre in the refineries will cost R $1.9351 from this farm (14). The previous price was R $1.9664.

The day before, the oil company had already reduced the price by 1.05%. In the month of June, 6 crashes and 2 highs were announced in the price of gasoline.

In 30 days, the accumulated high is 0.10%. Since the 8th of February, when Petrobras began to disclose reference prices in refineries, the advance is 6.52%

The price of diesel follows freezer in R $2.0316, as established by the government-announced fuel subsidy program, which provides a reduction of r $0.46 in the diesel price for 60 days.

Pricing Policy

Petrobras adopts a new format in the pricing policy since 3 July last year. By the new methodology, the adjustments happen more periodically, including daily, reflecting the variations of oil and derivatives in the international market, and also the dollar.

Since the beginning of the new methodology, the price of gasoline marketed in refineries accumulates high of 47.3% and, that of diesel, appreciation of 49.92%, according to the value Online.

The passing of the prices charged in the refineries for the pumps depends on the distributors and the owners of the posts.

Weekly survey disclosed by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and biofuels (ANP) shows that the average price of diesel receded 35 cents in the posts last week, for R $3.482. The average amount of gasoline was almost stable, from R $4.614 to R $4.603 in the week. Source: G1, globe

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