Petrobras announces end of gas supply in the Northeast

A statement saying that Petrobras will no longer supply natural gas to distributors in the Northeast from 2022, caught the companies in the region by surprise. The decision that interrupts the service that is offered for years by the state, is another step in search of the concentration of its services in the Southeast region.

The companies now have five months to seek new suppliers and fear that it will not be possible to make this replacement in a timely manner, which could harm the region's supply. However, the schedule of changes would have been made differently for some states, ensuring greater safety to those who are larger consumers, such as Bahia and Ceará.

The FUP (Single Federation of Oil Tankers) reported that it "studies lawsuits" to ensure the supply of gas by the oil company to distributors in the region, which, according to Abegás (Brazilian Association of Natural Gas Distribution Companies), is the second largest national consumer, falling only behind the Southeast.

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