Petrobras announces More privatizations

Petrobras has put eight refineries on sale, twice what has been approved in the previous government. The state also announced that it will reduce its participation in Distribuidora BR (currently 71%) And sell the company’s assets, in addition to selling the network of posts in Uruguay PUDSA. The initiatives are part of the Business plan and management 2020-2024.

The refineries that are for sale are Abreu e Lima (RNEST), schist Industrialization Unit (SIX), Landulpho Alves (RLAM), Gabriel Passos (REGAP), President Getúlio Vargas (REPAR), Alberto Pasqualini (REFAP), Isaac Sabbá (REMAN) and lubricants and Petroleum derivatives of the Northeast (LUBNOR). Together, the subsidiaries have the capacity to refine about 1.1 million barrels per day.

The opening of capital of refineries represents the breaking of Petrobras ‘ monopoly in the sector. The Ministers Paulo Guedes (economics) and Bento Albuquerque (mines and Energy) aim at the initiative with optimism to encourage free competition in the market and the possible reduction of fuel prices.

Under control
Only the refineries of Capuava, Sao Jose dos Campos and the largest in the country, Paulínia, all of São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro, Reduc, will be under the control of Petrobras. The note does not specify about the fate that will be given to the COMPERJ, which according to information circulated by the press and reported on our portal last week, is in the study phase and must become a thermoelectric.

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