Petrobras announces new Financial Director

Rafael Gisólia, former director of BR Distributor, will take office.
Petrobras has a new CFO in place of Ivan Monteiro, who took the presidency of the company on the last day of the 1st in place of Pedro parent, who resigned from office. In fact, the company reported that the board of directors, in a meeting held on Tuesday, elected the engineer Rafael Salvador Grisolia for the position of financial director and relationship with investors of the company, with a mandate to March 26, 2019, same term of management of the other members of the Executive Board.

Rafael Gisólia occupied the financial management of BR Distributor, a subsidiary of Petrobras, since August of last year, and the nomination would have departed from President Ivan Monteiro.

Rafael Grisolia is a production engineer with an MBA from Coppead/UFRJ. He has a diversified career of almost 30 years, having worked in the financial area of Esso-affiliate of ExxonMobil Corp. and Cosan fuels and lubricants S. A; The posts of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Investor relations Officer (a) of cream S.A.; CFO of the wheat S.A. Group; CFO of Inbrands S.A.

In the relevant fact, Petrobras also informs that the nomination of the new director was the object of prior analysis of the Committee of nomination, remuneration and succession of the board of Directors of Petrobras. Source: The Globe.

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