Petrobras announces offer of repurchase of securities

On Thursday (10), Petrobras announced the start of an offer to buy back 19 debt securities abroad, through its subsidiary Petrobras Global Finance B.V., limited to US$ 4 billion.

The oil company said that if the amount offered by investors in the repurchase offer of some security exceeds the limit of US$ 4 billion, the offer will be canceled and accepted for the next, following a priority order, until the value of US$ 4 billion is reached so that no security can be partially accepted.

The repurchase offer will expire Thursday (16) at 17h, New York Time. Holders of securities that are validly delivered, not withdrawn and accepted for repurchase until the expiration date, will receive the full payment informed on Monday (21). Bondholders will also receive capitalized interest until the settlement date.


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