Petrobras announces new platforms in the Santos basin

With 11 full years, the exploration and production operations of the Santos basin (UO-BS), Petrobras, prepares to get about 15 new platforms in the region, according to the business plan and management-2021 of 2017.

Currently the unit already has 15 platforms and has daily production of 1 million barrels bpd and when completed the project, the Santos basin, is the largest oil producer in the country, surpassing even the Campos Basin.

Another point highlighted by the UO area-BS was the growth in exports of gas in 2016, which had an increase of 16 million cubic meters per day in product delivery, which doubles the volume produced at the beginning of last year.

However, all this investment that Petrobras has announced that it intends to perform in the Santos basin sounds a bit contradictory if we make a comparison with the disinvestment in State-owned Carcará, Iara and Lapa, where the company sold assets to Statoil and Total, respectively. Although, what remains is to wait for the outcome of such actions and their consequences.


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