Petrobras sets record for S-10 diesel production

Through a statement, on Monday (13), Petrobras announced that reached in June a record production of low sulfur diesel (S-10), totaling a production of 1.6 million m3 or 10.3 million barrels. According to the state, production began in January 2013 and continues to grow in recent years. 

"The current production capacity of S-10 diesel from the Petrobras refining park is 139,400 m3/day and occurs through hydrotreatment units. These units are high-tech and promote the reduction of sulfur content and improved product performance with positive impacts on the reduction of contaminants to the environment. Because of this process, the use of S-10 diesel allows reduction of emissions of sulfur compounds and improvement of ignition quality," the statement said. 

The Diesel S-10 is one of the types of road diesel that exist in Brazil, along with the S-500. The difference between the two is in the sulphur content and in the number of cetane – index that measures the quality of ignition. In the S-10 diesel, the rate is 48, while on the S-500 it is 42.