Petrobras may be harmed by cheap barrel

For the sixth time in the year, Petrobras reduced the prices of fuels in refineries. The price of gasoline fell 9.5% while that of diesel decreased by 6.5%. Brazil, in turn, has gone from importer to exporter of Commodity.

In the country's economic trajectory, the rise in the price of oil has always been a cause for concern. However, this week, it was the fall that caused a great fear in the sector, making the stock exchange until it goes into circuit breaker more than once.

In time, the exploration of the pre-salt placed Brazil among the the world's ten largest producers. There are three million barrels per day, a volume 20 times higher than in the crisis of 73, and more than 20% of what is produced are Exported. Thus, it is possible to understand what the drop in the price of a barrel of represents for the country's economy.


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