Petrobras can market oil to union

According to Reuters, the state-owned pre-salt oil (PPSA) is negotiating with Petrobras to hire it as a marketing Of the pre-salt production belonging to the Union. According to the president of the company, José Eduardo Gerk, the expectation is to close agreement by the end of this year. THE PPSA Represents the union in the sharing contracts and had already attempted to negotiate with Petrobras before, but has not succeeded.

It is considered union oil all that produced Through bids from companies in pre-salt auctions, which includes the Petrobras. Gerk, who took over the presidency in April this year, did not want to weave Comments on the frustrated attempt to negotiate with the state-owned oil company In the past. Sought after, Petrobras also preferred not to comment on the subject.

The estimate of the Union’s oil share in the future Should be revised after pre-salt auctions scheduled for November. The President of the PPSSA advanced that studies indicate the possibility of this volume Bend to 500,000 bpd (barrels per day).


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