Petrobras gives pressure and raises fuel prices

In all indications, Brazil already receives some consequences of high oil prices. Petrobras readjusted, on Wednesday night (18), the gasoline values in 3.5% and diesel oil at 4.2% and the review took effect on Thursday for the sale of refineries the distributors.

Tax and labor charges and profit margins from fuel stations will be added to final consumers. "Parity is necessary because the Brazilian fuel market is open to free competition, giving distributors the alternative to import the products," he explained, in a statement, the company.

In a recent official statement, Petrobras came to affirm that it would accompany the variation of the market and would not make any adjustments immediately, but in the last days it gave to the pressure.

The last gasoline readjustment in Brazil had been on September 5 and the diesel, on September 13. The review is being seen as a reflection of the oscillation of the commodity, which reached 20% last Monday.

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