Petrobras gives gas concessions in Uruguay

In an official statement, Petrobras announced that it has completed the return to the Uruguayan Government of the distributor's concessions Of gas that the company still maintained in the country. The process was carried out Agreement, in accordance with the negotiations carried out between the President of Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez, and the president of the company, Roberto Castello Branco.

The subsidiary Petrobras Uruguay Sociedad Anonymous of Inversiones (Pusai) transferred their shares in the companies Distribuidora de Gas De Montevideo S.A. (DGM) and Conecta S.A. To the Uruguayan state. Thus, the Petrobras left the natural gas distribution segment in the country.

Petrobras ' operations in Uruguay began in 2004, when he signed the concession contracts of the Conecta, and, in 2006, signed Contracts with DGM.

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