New pipeline in Sergipe increases production capacity in the country

Petrobras will start the installation of the pipeline, in Sergipe, to drain natural gas from the reservoirs of Farfan, Barra and Muriú, in the areas of the exploration blocks BM-SEAL-10 and BM-Seal-11, in deep waters of the Sergipe-Alagoas basin. The passage will have 100 km submarine and 28 km terrestrial by the municipality of Barra dos Coqueiros.

The project will be made by an FPSO and must produce 100,000 barrels per day and 8.5 million m³ per day of natural gas interconnected to 15 wells, being they, five oil producers, four gas convertibles, three water injectors and three gas producers. The oil will be drained by offloading, technique widely used in the offshore world.

The state also seeks to install a second FPSO in the region to develop the productivity of the reservoirs of Bonita Moita, concession of the BM-seal-10 and BM-Seal-4, and the green well, granting of the BM-seal-4a. The project is still in the study phase, but is expected to occur in the year 2020. The new pipeline will increase production capacity for the next few years, will supply the region of the country, generate more jobs and development in the area.

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