Petrobras completes sale of $4 billion in securities abroad

Petrobras announced it has concluded, through subsidiary Petrobras Global Finance B.V. (PGF), the sale of $4 billion of bonds in the international capital markets, and $2 billion will be due in five years, while the other half will have in ten years.

According to the oil, the market demand was approximately $19 billion, representing orders from 592 investors United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America. The bonds that will mature in 2022 will cost of 6.125% per year, while those who win in 2027 will be of 7.375% p.a.

Ivan Mathew, Director of finance and investor relations of Petrobras, said that the success of the operation is a reflection of the market about the company's management strategy initiated in 2016. "It's a recognition of the results already presented in the policy of partnerships and investments and operating performance," he says.


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