Petrobras concludes testing phase in the field of mere

Petrobras completed the long-term test phase of the field of Mero, in the pre-salt of the Santos basin. The results presented high quality data and reduced uncertainty about the Reservoir. This will enable the accelerated deployment of four platforms in the coming years, the oil company Reported.

The production began in November 2017, by the FPSO pioneer of Libra, the first unit of the state dedicated to long-term testing. During the tests, the area reached 58000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed). Petrobras explained that the next step is to replace the current gas gun well with another one that is closer to the producer Well.

Upon completion of tests, the FPSO pioneer will operate the early production systems (SPAs) subsequently in other wells of Mero. The Libra pioneer has the ability to process up to 50000 BDP and 4 million cubic meters of associated gas. The definitive platforms planned to operate in the area, according to Petrobras, will be able to produce up to 180,000 BDP per Day.

The first definitive platform of Libra is planned for 2021 and the second, for 2022, according to the Business plan and management of Petrobras 2018-2022. A new revised plan and with the horizon up to 2023 is expected to be published in December.

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