Petrobras will cut funds in cultural sponsorships

A fundamental sponsor in the investment of Brazilian culture, Petrobras intends to break contracts signed with large groups of theater and cinema, and the press. Being one of the promises of the current government, the decision aims at cutting spending and directing funds to social networks and less well-known artists.

According to the management of previous governments, the oil company has sponsored more than 4000 cultural projects since 2003, when the Petrobras cultural program was created, which became the largest public selection of the type in the country.

The areas of culture and press received R $158 million from the state in 2018, being R $38 million invested in cultural projects and R $120 million spent on advertising. Without announcing these definitions, Petrobras ' press office responded only that "it is revising its sponsorship policy and its advertising planning".

This change in cultural and advertising policy leaves questions such as the lack of criteria to define the new beneficiaries. The final decision is on the 12th, when the company will hold a new meeting.

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