Petrobras will allocate R $1 billion to the Amazon

The federal government, National Congress and the Attorney General’s office (PGR) have closed an agreement defining the allocation of the onlendings of the Petrobras billionaire fund, valued at R $2.6 billion. Of these, R $1 billion will be used to combat burning and deforestation in the Amazon. Already R $1.6 billion will be invested in education.

Negotiation for environmental preservation

Petrobras ‘ Billionaire fund originated from a negotiation between the oil and the United States government to close investigations of the country involving the state, consequent to Operation Lava Jato, which would have harmed investors Americans. The agreement between Petrobras and the USA was settled around US $853.2 million, with US $682 million being applied in Brazil (about R $2.6 billion).

The announcement of the agreement was made on Thursday (5) by the Advocate General of the Union, André Mendonça, and by the Attorney General of the Republic, Raquel Dodge, after meeting in the presence of representatives of the Senate and the House of Deputies and members of Government ministries in the Office of the Minister of the STF, Alexandre de Moraes, also Rapporteur of the subject in the supreme. Now, the minister will await the demonstrations of all to validate the agreement and define the form of application of the repasses.

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