Petrobras takes away supervisors for opposing ACT

Eight supervisors of Petrobras, crowded in the oil province of Urucu (AM), in the northern region of Brazil, were removed from their positions after voting against the company's third proposal for the collective labor Agreement (ACT), according to the Secretary-General of National Federation of Oil Tankers (FNP), Adaedson Costa.

According to the FNP, which gathers five unions in the sector, the clearings occurred in the URUCU unit, where Petrobras produces oil and gas. Costa stated that the company has convened officials with commissioned positions to participate in assemblies and vote for the company.

"There is a clear objective of collective moral harassment of wanting to impose that employees vote in favor of the company, which is absurd, if it is a democracy," Costa said to the Reuters agency. "It is not reasonable for a worker to go to an assembly to be intimidated to vote on a proposal he is opposed to," he added.

Both the FNP and the single Federation of Oil Tankers (FUP), which gathers 13 oil unions, reprove the proposals for collective agreement presented. According to FUP, the latter maintained "a series of rights cuts, in addition to predicting salary adjustments below inflation".

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