Petrobras announces sale of 28 bahian fields

On Wednesday (4), Petrobras reported that began the stage of disclosure of the opportunity (teaser) referring to the sale of all its holdings in a set of 28 concessions of land production fields, located in the Recôncavo and Tucano Basin, in different municipalities of the state of Bahia, jointly called Polo Bahia Terra. 

In addition, a processing, storage and flow infrastructure for oil and natural gas from the complex will also be sold, including the Catu Natural Gas Processing Unit (UPGN). 

According to a statement released by the state, the operation is "aligned with the strategy of portfolio optimization and the improvement of the allocation of the company's capital" and the goal would be to concentrate resources "on world-class assets in deep and ultradeep waters, where Petrobras has a great differential differential over the years."A
bout 1,700 wells in operation are also being sold, along with 19 collection stations, 12 collection points, 2 oil treatment stations, 6 collection and compressor stations, 4 water injection stations, approximately 980 km of pipelines and pipelines, as well as the administrative bases of Taquipe, Santiago, Buracica, Araçás and Fazenda Balm.


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