Petrobras is the 20th most pollutant in the world

A study of the Climate Accountability Institute pointed out A group of large corporations that are responsible for over a third of All pollutant gases from 1965 to 2017. Among the companies, the Petrobras occupies the 20th place in the list, accounting for 0.64% of the total Carbon dioxide emissions in the reporting period.

Saudi Oil company Aramco comes in 1st place on the list and has issued 59.26 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (4.38% of the total). The American Chevron and the Russian Gazprom appear next and account for 3.20% and 3.19% of the total, respectively.

In a statement, the Brazilian state government has assumed the Commitment to zero the growth of operational emissions by 2025 and which will Invest in carbon and solar energy research and development lines up to 2023.

"Petrobras monitors the evolution of climate science and its Developments on energy, social and economic systems for more than 15 years and currently presents, among the major producers of oil and gas The second best performance in relative emissions in the activities of Exploration and production "said the company.


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