Petrobras and BP make strategic alliance

The British oil company BP announced on Thursday a major strategic alliance with Petrobras to explore areas of mutual interest in its business around the world.

"BP announced today that it has signed a memorandum of understanding to explore areas of cooperation with Petróleo Brasileiro SA (Petrobras)," said the company listed on the London stock exchange in a statement in which it does not provide financial details of the deal.

This strategic alliance of Petrobras and BP implies operations in exploration, production, refining, distribution and green energy, both in Brazil and in the rest of the world. "It is hoped that the alliance will also include technology transfer, as well as capacity building and joint research. "BP CEO Bob Dudley explained that his company has established a strong relationship with Petrobras over many years.  "We are pleased to deepen our cooperation and seek even more opportunities together," he said. Source: This is

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