Petrobras and CNPC sign agreement to conclude the refinery in Rio

Last Tuesday, October 16th, Petrobras signed an agreement with China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) to conclude the refinery in the Rio Comperj (petrochemical complex of Rio de Janeiro) and to invest in the oil fields of the Marlim area.

The agreement between the State and subsidiary, defined that the CNPC will be responsible for 20% participation in the operation of the refinery, while Petrobras for 80%. The proportion is the same for the projects of the fields of Marlim, flying, Marlim South and Marlim Leste.

Comperj is one of the largest projects in Brazil and has an area of 45km². The project was announced in 2006 and would be a breakthrough of Petrobras. But there was a decline of state in the comperj of more R $6.5 billion, since the investigations of overbilling of contracts began.

At the time of Lava Jato's investigations in 2014, the construction of the refinery collapsed and the oil value dropped from US $100 per barrel to us $40 per barrel. With this, the state leveraged its debts and consequently decreased the investments.

Stopping investing in the refinery has caused the country to contract debts and losses. Follow the Panorama offshore portal and stay connected to everything that involves the oil, gas, energy, biofuels, onshore and offshore markets. Remember, I'm in business. Check out at www. panoramaoffshore. com. bre


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