Petrobras and gas companies agree to increase distribution and mitigate crisis in PE

In a meeting at the prosecutor's office, it was decided that companies could use the two pumping ducts in the port of Suape. Test is scheduled for Sunday (17).

Simultaneous pumping through the two pipelines of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG, the cooking gas) of the port of Suape, on the Grand Reef, was scheduled for Sunday (17), to try to increase the distribution and to solve the dissupply of the product, caused by the strike Of the truckers, which occurred in May. 


The measure was announced after a meeting between Petrobras, distributor companies and consumer protection agencies. More than two weeks after the end of the strike, the population continues to struggle to find the gas. 

Currently, the company Transpetro distributes the gas by means of pumping through two ducts, in the port of Suape, being one of them exclusive to the national gas and, the other, rotated between the other companies that operate in the port.

According to Liliane Fonseca, the prosecutor of the Public Ministry of Pernambuco (MPPE), simultaneous pumping means the possibility of an improvement in supply. The test takes place on Sunday because there is no potting marked. Therefore, there is no risk of damaging the operation during the week.

"With the simultaneous pumping, I believe there will be no more flashing. This issue of a pipeline supplying only one distributor may be damaging the supply by the other distributors, "said Liliane.

The meeting was held at MPPE, Recife, and involved, in addition to Petrobras and distributors, defense agencies to the consumer. Also, among companies, an increase in the storage of the product was agreed to expedite the distribution.

According to Petrobras, there is enough stock to supply the extra amounts that were requested. There are also two company ships in the port of Suape with 80000 tonnes of the product. According to MPPE, Ultragás has pledged to receive 150 tonnes more per day in a total of 620 tonnes. The national gas can receive additional daily of 200 tonnes, totaling 630,000 tonnes.

Liquigas reported that it had 23000 canisters in May and that it could increase demand by more than 6000, which corresponds to 180 tonnes, which, in addition, totaled 400 tonnes per day.

Supergas reported that it is able to fill more 150 tonnes of LPG per day, adding 300 tonnes. Copagaz, in turn, can receive more 100 tonnes in a total of 300 tonnes.

Procon notifies Petrobras

On Tuesday (12), Procon-PE notified Petrobras for speedy attendance to the gas-distributing companies in Pernambuco. The deadline for the state ends this Friday (15).

By way of note, Petrobras reported the sales of LPG "are above the volume contracted with the distributors for the month of June and that the deliveries are normal at the various points of supply of the country", besides that the stocks of the state, that are in "comfortable levels".

About Pernambuco, Petrobras reported that it is delivering cooking gas for 24 hours a day to the distributors in Ipojuca, on the Grand Reef, with stocks on ships in the port of Suape equivalent to "more than 30 days of local delivery".

According to the company, the distributors were able to buy 6% more of LPG than the committed quantity, in the great reef and said that "it has the conditions to raise its sales, if the distributors can receive greater quantity of product, which does not come occurring. "

Finally, the note says "It is up to LPG distributors to have logistical infrastructure to receive Petrobras ' product and distribute it throughout the country."

In addition to notifying Petrobras, Procon-PE also issued a recommendation, also on Tuesday (12), for retailers to limit themselves to market one unit per person of the 13 kilo canisters.

Moreover, according to the body, the prices of the products must be fixed in places visible to the consumer, contemplating information such as availability, expected date of receipt and quantitative available for sale. Irregularities can be autuadas criminally by the consumer police station.

According to Procon-PE, abusive prices are illegal and the population can make complaints on the Internet or by the 0800.282.1512 number. The call is free. Surveillance has also been extended to curb practices that cause harm to consumers.


In the places where cooking gas arrives, the 13-kilo canisters spend a few hours in the stock, because of the long queues that form in front of the establishments. On Saturday (9), at many points of sale, the product even arrived for resale. With this, coal has been sold in these places as an alternative to cooking. 

Source: G1, globe

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