Petrobras and Equinor agree gas flow

Petroras and Equinor have established an agreement for the carrying out an infrastructure project for the flow of gas from the pão de Açúcar prospectus, in the Campos Basin, an important discovery made in recent times. The information is from the Executive Director of Refining and Natural Gas Petrobras, Anelise Lara.

Announced this month, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) deals with business development in the gas sector and also of generation projects thermal power plants, in addition to studies on the feasibility of processing and disposal of the product in units in Rio de Janeiro.

“Sugar loaf is an area where we are a partner of Equinor, area very relevant for gas production, and the signed MOU focuses on on this issue,” Lara said. Equinor is operator of the BM-C-33, where it is Sugar Loaf, in partnership with Spain’s Repsol (35%) and Petrobras (30%).


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