Petrobras and GE sign US $ 300 million contract

GE Power, GE's energy services division, announced on May 16 a $ 300 million contract to maintain 11 Petrobras plants in Brazil.

GE said in a statement, the contract was signed for the next four years. The eleven plants have an installed capacity of 4.3 gigawatts, or almost 80% of the generation capacity of Petrobras, GE said, noting that the deal represents its largest agreement for generation services in Latin America. "We at GE are always looking to help our customers stay competitive in the ever-evolving energy landscape," said Daniel Meniuk, GE's regional general manager for Brazil.


The services provided in the business include inspections, repairs and supply of parts for 20 gas turbines, as well as 23 aeroderivative gas turbines, three steam engines and 13 generators for thermoelectric plants, which have been in operation since 2001.

"This project shows how we have been able to design the best solutions in services especially to allow Petrobras a cut of up to 25% in operating and maintenance costs, as well as providing support for the next four years," said CEO of GE Power Service , Scott Strazik. The company was the original supplier of the equipment used in the thermoelectric plants that will go through the activities. Source: Diary, Trade, Industries and Services.



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