Petrobras and Government want to proceed with the sale of the TAG

Petrobras and the Government want to proceed with the sale of the TAG (associated gas carrier) this year 2018. After suspension of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) on commercialization of state that was denied by the legislature, the company intends to use law 9,478 of 1997, called the petroleum law, to be able to negotiate the Company.

The government will ask the general law of the Union (AGU), a document that confirms the authorisation to distribute the subsidiaries, according to article 64 of the law, which allows Petrobras to aggregate the producers to the other Companies.

If the AGU gives the opinion, the company may market the carrier which is valued at approximately US $8 Billion. moreover, The oil company also had to suspend the procedures of other ventures as mercantilization of the refining posts of the south, Northeast and the plant of fertilizer of ARAUCARIA.

The constant attempts to make public equity in private continue to affect the advancement of the Country. Brazil has a structure to be one of the largest producers of oil and refining, but with sales, will we achieve such a facet?

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