Petrobras is the national leader and 50 ª global, points ranking

Petrobras is the largest publicly traded Brazilian company, according to Forbes Global 2000, a list drawn up by the American magazine Forbes, which is the state's ranking in 50 in the world rankings. To classify companies, criteria such as sales, assets, profits and market value are used. Among the Brazilians, 20 companies were evaluated in total, one more than last year.

In 2018, Petrobras appeared occupying the 5th place among Brazilian companies. In the same year, the oil company appeared in the 243rd position among the global. But apparently, state-owned became the game in 2019, being the ranking leader between nationals and 50 ª among 2,000 companies in the listing.

According to Forbes, the listed organizations have registered more than US $40 trillion in revenue and more than $186 trillion in global assets. In 2018, Petrobras presented net income of R $25.8 billion, being the best number achieved by the oil company in 8 years. The state also has an investment plan of US $84.1 billion up to 2023.

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