Petrobras raises price of diesel and LPG in refineries

Petrobras said in a statement, on Tuesday (16), that will raise the average prices of diesel in its refineries by 7% from Wednesday (27), while gasoline prices will have an average increase of 5%. In addition, the company also increased by 5% the average price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in refineries and according to the state, prices have already been adjusted last Saturday (23). 

It is already the fourth consecutive high for gasoline only in May, while diesel had already undergone an 8% adjustment this month, the first in the year. Since November 2019, the company works with a single price for LPG in Brazil, without further differentiating the residential and industrial/commercial seg

ments. Petrobras' pricing policy seeks to follow import parity values, which take into account oil prices in the international market plus importing costs, such as transportation and port taxes, with an impact also on the exchange rate, according to the company.


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