Petrobras agrees with American authorities to deprive themselves of lawsuits

Petrobras entered into agreement with authorities in the United States to deprive itself of prosecution and to terminate investigations into the corruption scandal by operation Car Wash in Brazil. The state agreed to pay a fine of us $853 million, in which 80%, about us $682 million, will be invested in social projects in Brazil.

The agreement was closed on 27 September and there was acceptance by investors, as Petrobras ' shares rose 4.88% in B3. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), regulator of the American capital market, will win us $85 million that will also be assigned to the US Department of Justice.

The contract is seen as legal and fits in the category Non-Prosecution Agreement (NPA), in it the American government gives up to prosecute the state, but on the condition that the misdeeds are confessed and redeeming of their acts, promoting visible changes. The agreement lasts for three years and the state promises to denounce the Compliance program and make improvements in the company's controls.

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