Petrobras erases leonel brizola name from thermoelectric

Petrobras recently decided to remove the name of "Governor Leonel Brizola" from the Duque de Caixas thermoelectric plant, which caused great perplexity in the political environment. The decision, by the president of the company Roberto Castelo Branco, had no apparent justification. According to supporters of the former governor of the state of Rio, who died in 2004, the action is in attentive to the national memory.

Leonel Brizola Brizola was a great supporter of the national energy sector, and was the politician who built the most schools in Brazil, responsible for the famous "Brizolões". In 2015, he was recognized in the category of Hero of the Homeland by the Brazilian government for his determination to defend national sovereignty.

The vereaor Leonel Brizola Neto (PSOL-RJ), grandson of the former governor, presented A Motion of Repudiation approved by the City Council demanding the return of the name to the thermoelectric of Duque de Caxias.


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