Petrobras finalizes sale of PBIO in Guarani

As the Offshore Panorama has already been reporting since last year, Petrobras is holding several sales that are part of your Divestiture plan in order to improve the State box. This time, the company confirmed the sale of your participation, Petrobras Biofuels S.A. (PBIO) on Guarani sugar, one of the leading companies in the production of sugar and ethanol in Brazil.

The operation of sale was concluded with the payment of $202,750,000 for the Participations SAS, Tereos now hold 100% of the Guarani. The Tereos is the largest producer of sugar in the world. The group is specialized in the processing of raw materials into sugar, ethanol, alcohol and starch, with 42 plants in Europe, South America, the Indian Ocean, Africa and Asia.


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