Petrobras made a payment of debts with the Bank of Brazil

On Thursday October 4, Petrobras held the pre-payment of R $2 billion in debt to the Bank of Brazil. The maturity was planned for 2020 and also marked a credit committed to the same value due to 2025.

The state pointed out that with this new hire, the company accumulates a liquidity of R $6 billion available by Brazilian banks and about US $4.35 billion in international banks. Petrobras claims that this line forms a source of liquidity and, in this way, can use its cashier to repay the debts in advance avoiding paying the Interest.

The initiative looks good, as it mitigates the values that would be paid in interest in the next two years that were missing for the Maturity. With this, the company manages to stay stable and contain the damage caused to the country. Follow the Offshore Panorama portal and stay tuned for all the issues surrounding the oil, gas, energy, biofuel, Onshore and Offshore Markets. Remember: your business. Check: or


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