Petrobras to start production in Sergipe

Petrobras informed the ANP (National agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and biofuels) that intends to start the test of deepwater production in Sergipe in November. The agency’s board approved the new project schedule this past week.

To decide the next steps, the company needs to do a long-term test (TLD)-Simplified production system made to obtain more information about the reservoirs-which was to be done in 2018, but the Ibama (Brazilian Institute of the Middle Environment and renewable natural resources) demanded that a clean hull of the FPSO (ship used by the petroleum industry for exploration, storage oil and natural gas) of the city of São Vicente was made.

About six years ago, the state made great discoveries of oil and natural gas in the offshore of Sergipe, with great potential for gas production. Green Well, one of these discoveries, has a capacity of 11.9 billion (P50) of natural gas in place (VGIP) m³.


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