Petrobras injects R $168 mi in safety works in Reduc

Petrobras reported on Monday, 12, that it will invest R $168 million in operational safety at the maintenance shutdown of the Duque de boxes Refinery (Reduc), in Rio de Janeiro. It is a routine procedure in the company's industrial facilities and follows normative items and international safety standards.

The value of the millionaire investment will be used in the maintenance and acquisition of equipment for the processing units of the lubricant production set. The maintenance stop started on this second (12), with expected completion in up to 31 days, and should generate about 2400 temporary jobs by the companies contracted for the service.

"The maintenance stop is aimed at maintaining operational safety, ensuring the safety of workers, facilities and nearby communities, meeting the norms of the Ministry of Labor (Integrity of equipment) and reestablishing the capacities In addition to promoting improvements in the industrial process, "Petrobras said in a statement.

Reduc has the capacity to process 38 million liters of oil daily. Currently, the refinery is responsible for about 80% of the national production of lubricants. Maintenance on the lubricant production set will not affect the supply of these products to the market.

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