Petrobras invests in renewable energy projects

Companies will analyze the viability of sustainable business of wind and solar energy in Brazilian territory.

Petrobras signed a memorandum of understanding with French companies total and total Erén to analyze the viability of wind and solar business in Brazilian territory, reported to the oil company on Tuesday (10).

The agreement seeks to determine the existing potential, especially in northeastern Brazil, to develop projects of renewable energies, reported Nelson Silva, Director of organization and management systems of Petrobras.

Silva denied that the company had retreated in the renewable energy sector and clarified that in 2017, the company's business plan focused on oil and gas exploration due to "a more specific financial situation".

"We focus on these two years in the company's financial recovery," he added.

In 2018, Silva said, Petrobras is more dedicated to renewable energies.

The Petrobras spokesman said that the participation of each partner is not yet defined, nor is it an investment value. "(we will) explore opportunities, make a technical survey and then define whether they are viable conditions, to present a project," he said.

Petrobras has, in partnership, four 104 megawatt wind farms installed, as well as a 1.1 megawatt solar energy research and Development Unit in Rio Grande do Norte.

The Total Eren, founded in 2012, is designed to develop projects of wind, solar and hydroelectric power. The memorandum is not binding, so Petrobras could develop other associations.

Petrobras and Total consolidated their strategic alliance in 2016, when both companies committed themselves to jointly assess opportunities in Brazil and abroad in all segments of the oil and gas chain. The two companies are allied in various exploration and production consortiums in Brazil and abroad. Source: Look.

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