Petrobras invests millions of dollars in research centers in pre-salt areas

Partnership made by the Research center of Petrobras Leopoldo Américo Miguez de Mello, Cenpes, together with graduate students in engineering at UFRJ, responsible for Coppe-Instituto Alberto Luiz Coimbra of postgraduate and research in engineering, in Fundão Campus, conducts technological research related to pre-salt and Petrobras has invested about U $572 million.

The centers are responsible for the numerous advances in deepwater oil exploration as a sandwich duct; Anchors system replacing polyester steel; Robots with artificial intelligence systems and quantum computation. One of the technologies that has been gaining prominence is in the robotic area, which has a system capable of exchanging the amount of embedded employees who perform simple and complex functions, such as the maintenance of the painting of the hull of the platform, substitution of Divers in the repair of ducts at depths.

In addition, research contributes to the acceleration of the state's learning about the pre-salt regions and higher speed in its recognition so that there is faster drilling and more productivity in the fields. Follow the Panorama offshore portal and get inside news about the oil, gas, energy, biofuels, onshore and offshore markets. Remember: your business. Visit: and


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