Petrobras will sell seven drilling rigs

Petrobras opened a bidding for the sale of seven drilling rigs, which are: P-59, P-60, P-XXIII, P-III, P-X, P-XVI and XVII-P. The units will be auctioned at a public hearing, scheduled to be held on 10 May.

The state has set a bid from 40 million units by the P-59 and P-60. As for the P-VXIII, the starting bid will be $ 500,000. For other probes the bid will be free.

In a statement, Petrobras said the starting bid does not represent the value of the probes, which will only be sold if competitors reach a minimum price set internally. That's because there was a great buzz around the auction of the P-59 drilling units and P-60 were bought for 720 million dollars and have starting bid of 680 million dollars less.

Also according to the state, the seven units for sale, only the P-59 is still in operation, with activities planned in 2017 and programming for 2018 still under analysis. The sale of the probes is also part of the need for divestments that Petrobras has been carrying out over the past few months.


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